East Acton - Every Monday

5.30 - 6.30pm

Address: Earthbeath Holistic Studio, 4 The Green, EAst Acton W3 7PQ

Simultaneously there is a parent soundbath and meditation class.

Our classes are £10 drop-in or £8 each if you sign up for the term. Come along and give it a try, the first class is a free trial! Discount of 20% for 2 or more siblings and families on income support. 


FAMILY YOGA WORKSHOPS AND WELLNESS DAYS run monthly. Click here to see details. Please book in at under soundbath and meditation workshop.


"My favourite thing about yoga is that it relaxes all of my body and that all of the moves are very fun, some moves are hard but practice makes perfect, I love yoga and I think you should try it."
by Esme McCormack age 11

Our classes are suitable for children of all ages and all abilities. We believe it is very healthy and instills consideration and patience for children of different age groups to interact together including children with developmental issues such as Autism, ADD and ADHD.

The class consists of breathing (Prananyama) exercises and techniques to calm down the body and mind, chanting and singing to increase exhalation and release any tension, cleansing eye exercises (Kriyas) to help the child organise the brain and focus, and fun postures (Asanas) into different shapes and animals that children can relate to. In the process they stretch themselves, improve their coordination, balance and self confidence. The class ends with relaxation time (Savasana) and a little foot rub to enhance the feeling of total well-being within each child.



We can come to your home to give your child or children a yoga class to fit around your schedule.

An excellent weekend or half term activity indoors or better still in the garden or local park if the weather is nice!


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